Story of Gatsbylady London

I have been sewing and designing clothes since I was a little girl. I started working in factories. I endeavored to learn every aspect of sewing and pattern making that I could. After that, I continued to strengthen my knowledge with a postgraduate degree from University of London, as well as a MSc degree in Fashion from one of the leading Universities in Great Britain.

After attaining my handful degrees and with my knowledge gained from working in production, I moved on to the high fashion designer industry, where I worked for many years. I had always dreamed of setting up my own business one day, and being able to design the way I feeI each day. What sets Gatsbylady apart from the others is the quality of our fabrics, our unique hand embellished designs and the flexibility of our fits. Our designs are individual, effortless, comfortable and stretches by a size for an easy fit. Gatsbylady dresses are sure to make you feel special and beautiful.

Gatsbylady dresses make you feel special and beautiful:)

We recently had our Vancouver Fashion week Fall/ Winter. We had a great time and fun. Please see the following link for the video. I hope you will enjoy and have fun while watching. Because we did!

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